Since 2007 the BFT team has made annual trips to the southern and northern areas in Thailand to focus their work on providing educational tools for local orphanages. Our work consists of cosmetic updates to classrooms in terms of paint and furniture, computer lab installations including wireless networks and purchasing of various types of teaching aids such as projectors, screens and other needed classroom items.

Below are summaries of the projects that have been completed over the last few years and links to onsite project pictures can be viewed here for each location.


100% of all donations go directly to support the budget of each project.



Warm Heart children in Barbs Place
Warm Heart children in Barbs Place

Warm Heart - June 2015 to Present

The children served at Warm Heart come from impoverished backgrounds and many have experienced trauma or have special academic needs.  To assist in meeting the diverse needs of the children, in June 2015 a team of educators and counselors from the United States traveled to Warm Heart to assist in finding ways to provide educational, emotional and social support to the children.  Warm Heart learned strategies to educate the children with learning difficulties and emotional concerns.  There was also a need to assist the children with trauma/crisis/behavioral interventions to promote emotional health.  The team worked with Warm Heart and taught them how to analyze the whole child and prepare goals and intervention strategies (educational, social and emotional).  The week included observations of the children and teachers, training the teachers with new strategies, and implementing the interventions.


Barb's Place Community Educational Center
Barb's Place Community Educational Center
Warm Heart - November 2014

The 2014 project team supported Warm Heart by building a Community Educational Center, enhancing their current wireless network, supplying equipment such as laptops, workstations and projectors for the community computer lab that the building included, provided furniture for the Community Educational Center. The project dramatically improved the computer facilities and internet access available to Warm Heart children and has opened the world of computers and the internet to the roughly 100 children of Huay Sai. Equally important, the new Community Education Center has permited village adults to learn about computers for the first time and to use the internet to acquire relevant information, for example, agricultural prices in Chiang Mai. 

Sunshine Village
Sunshine Village

Sunshine Village - 2011 - 2013 Annual Support

Sunshine Village was the starting point for BFT's work back in 2008 and receives donations such as clothes, shoes and toys each year.
For more information about Sunshine Village: www.phuketsunshinevillage.org
The Koh Sirae School
The Koh Sirae School
The Koh Sirae School - 2013

The project team worked on the Koh Sirae School project which included enhancing their current wireless network, replacing their computer workstations in their library learning center and classrooms, and installation of new furniture used by the 1000 children and 53 teachers at the school. The current learning center was not fully functional so without these updates the children did not have Internet access for educational purposes.

The Internet Society awarded a grant to Building Futures Thailand as one of eleven community-based projects that enhance internet environments in undeserved regions. 

Read our daily project blog: https://www.internetsociety.org/BFT_Project_2013.org

For more information about the Koh Sirae School visit:  www.kohsiraeschool.ac.th


Banbangtong School
Banbangtong School

Banbangtong School - 2012

The project team focused on the Banbangtong School provided an equipment refresh for the computer learning center, fresh paint for the “canteen” or cafeteria, new playground equipment for the school grounds and purchased needed supplies for their daily activities.

For more information about the Banbangtong School visit:


The Happy Home
The Happy Home

The Happy Home - 2007 - 2011

The Happy Home is an orphanage sponsored by the Holiday Inn Resort that provides children ages 2-16 left behind after the tsunami in 2004 with a temporary safe place until they receive a permanent home. Located in Patong, Phuket, this program was specifically designed to be a support system and learning center for children in crisis to help them develop real life skills and awareness against exploitation.

The project team worked with the local staff to update and renovate the children's facility with paint, new shelving and a touch of fun. The main focus of the project was to create a computer learning center to teach basic Internet skills and develop an arts & crafts room so the kids can create local souvenirs that are sold throughout local businesses to provide additional income for them and the program.
For more information about the Happy Home visit: